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"Mergel Kratzer is a musical and visual project which started off as an EBM (Electronic Body Music)-band in 2005. Constantly on the move, they try to explore new territories of musical and visual implantation, claiming that they really don't see them selves as an EBM-band anymore. They try to stay openminded without paying to much attention to one specific genre, but somehow the the output of their mixing desk always includes synthetic waveforms, mangling beats and frustrated vocals.

Composer and frontman is Joel Nygren, a music addict with a burning passion for everything electronic. On his left hand he has the model and performance artist Angelica Klüft - known as Thistel - working on visuals and costume design for their live shows. She is also a great batterist and together with keyboardist Julia they all compose and perform as a way to express themselves.

Joel begun making music in 2004, finding his inspiration from science and technology among limestones and medieval ruins on the island of Gotland. The atmosphere in Visby was great for starting off as a band, but as the ideas and ambitions growed bigger, a relocation to the Swedish mainland was a neccesary move and an important turning point in MK-history.

After releasing the Maxi Single "Virus" on a Swedish underground label, Joel decided to take their upcoming album release in his own hands, to get more control and artistic freedom. German label Trisol somehow found out about their debut album, and wanted to release it on exclusive license, on a global scale. It was an offer they couldn't resist, and a real boost for their international breakthrough.

These days half of Mergel Kratzer has emigrated to London, "to search for the new sound" they say. We'll all exited to see what their next step will be, rumors say they'll land somewhere close to where the 30's meets the 3100th century."



Vocals, music, lyrics, production

Vocals, drums, visuals, design


Electric bass

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